2023 Libby's Light -- Constant Blooms!


Nelumbo nucifera


Gorgeous flowers all summer!

We highly recommend this lotus! Rich color, lots of petals, frequent flowers! Wonderful in every way, this lotus reminds us of its namesake, Libby Claire. Fresh as the morning sunrise, with perfect shape and luminous color it is an ever-present reminder of the promises to come. This lotus has big, full flowers that drape perfectly when fully open--they have a HUGE visual impact. Because of the high petal count the flowers are also well-suited as cut flowers for arrangements.

Proceeds from the sale of this lovely lotus are donated to Libby's Light Shines, a foundation which helps provide traveling expenses for families with children in the hospital. 


Flower Color: Red
Plant Height: Medium/Tall (36" or taller)
Flower Type: Multi-Petal
Pot size: 14" or wider, 10"-16" deep