About Us

Ten Mile Creek Nursery was started in 2004 by Bill Bancroft, a graduate of the Auburn University School of Horticulture. The nursery, located south of Hartford, AL, is crossed by a creek  fed by cool freshwater springs that have never been known to go dry, even in times of severe drought. Bill was mentored during the start-up process by his grandfather, J.P. Kennedy, who owned and operated Ten Mile Creek Fish Farms for more than 40 years. Mr. Kennedy was one of the first commercial growers of tilapia in the southeastern United States. Bill recently graduated from medical school.


It is our goal to provide our customers with beautiful, quality lotus plants while being a good steward of land and water resources. Best management practices are studied and implemented in order to ensure that the land and water shepherded by the Kennedy family for generations will be preserved for many more generations to come.

Laura at ChenshanLaura at Chenshan Botanical Garden in Shanghai, China

Mallory at Yileen GardensMallory at Yileen Gardens in Nanjing, China

Charlie and George at Ten Mile Creek Nursery in Hartford, Alabama