NEW Lotus by Ten Mile Creek

Ten Mile Creek Nursery is proud to introduce the following lotus:

The Little Princess Series:

Princess Abby of Ten Mile Creek - versicolor, small, single

Princess Kennedy of Ten Mile Creek - white, medium, single

Princess Harper of Ten Mile Creek - red, medium-small, single

Princess Ellen of Ten Mile Creek - pink, medium, multi-petal

Cuddlin' Caroline of Ten Mile Creek - brilliant red, large, single


The Old South Collection

High Cotton - pure white, large, multi-petal

Heavens to Betsy - red, large, multi-petal

Named for Aunt Betsy Bancroft

Sugar Pie Pink - pink, medium to large, multi-petal

Shoot Fire - brilliant red, medium, single

These lotus were grown from randomly hybridized seed:

Bold Protector - brilliant red, medium-small, single

Named for Will Bancroft

Cranberry Kiss - white with pink tips, large, single

Deacon Degarmeaux - red, very large, single

Named for Deacon DeGarmeaux

Blushing Bride - pink, large, multi-petal

Jeannie's Smile - pink, large, single

Named for the family matriarch, Jean Harris Kennedy

Pink-A-Licious - pink, large, single

Sing, Birdie, Sing - white with pink tips, small, single

Named after Lori Jordon, affectionately known as Birdie

Sun on Snow - white, medium-large, single

Peppermint Pink - pink with striations, small, single

DaBear - red, large, multi-petal

Named for Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant

We are currently gathering the data necessary to have these lotus recognized by the International Registrar for Nelumbo nucifera.