Hubei 3 Edible Lotus - Delicious!


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Nelumbo nucifera




Hubei #3 is one of the most popular vegetable tubers in China.  The tubers are organically grown with no prohibited chemicals added.

Hubei #3 will be shipped as a starter with one or two growth tips so do not be surprised by the size when you receive it. Plant it in a large pot, or better yet, an earth-bottom pond. Harvest in the late fall or winter. We suggest planting them in a 5' diameter plastic kiddie pool. They look especially nice when the pool is recessed in the ground. Also, the pools are inexpensive so that if it is damaged during harvest it is easy to replace.

Flower Color: Creamy White with Pink
Plant Height: Tall, 48” and taller
Flower Type: Semi-Double, 21-50 petals
Pot Size: 20” and wider, 12”-18” deep - We suggest a much larger pot or plastic pool for Hubei #3!.
Hubei #3 will also need additional fertilizer throughout the summer but be sure to stop fertilizing around mid-August to allow for optimal tuber production.


For conventional fertilizer (tablets or loose prills) which releases quickly when water is added:

Wait until the lotus plant has several floating leaves or begins to put up aerial leaves before adding fertilizer.
Choose a good fertilizer such as Waterlily World Tablets, Pondtabbs or Landon’s Aquatic Fertilizer and follow the instructions carefully. The amount of fertilizer to use is usually based on the size of the pot and the amount of soil in the pot. For example, most of the small tablets are added at a ratio of 1-2 tablets per gallon of soil in the pot. Once the lotus has started to grow vigorously tablets can be added every 2-3 weeks. Stop fertilizing in late summer to allow the lotus to use up all the fertilizer in the pot before going dormant. This encourages the lotus to form better rhizomes.

For SLOW-RELEASE FERTILIZER like Nutricote 14-4-14, 100 day fertilizer:

*follow amount directions on package. 
Place fertilizer around the bottom of the pot then add soil. Plant rhizome in the soil at the top of soil layer and let it grow down to find fertilizer. We use slow-release fertilizer but begin adding extra Pondtabbs after 3 months when growth gets vigorous and we continue adding extra fertilizer until late summer.
Do NOT use 360 day fertilizer because it will release fertilizer for too long and the lotus will not form as many rhizomes when it goes dormant.