Carolina Queen - An American Beauty!


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Nelumbo nucifera


Perry D. Slocum Lotus

Sublime color!! A real showstopper in the garden, flying high above dark green leaves, the flower of 'Carolina Queen' is a warm, glowing pink with just the faintest hint of orange. Huge flowers can reach up to 12" across. Great choice for photographers! This lotus was hybridized by Perry D. Slocum many years ago but remains a favorite around the world because of its dependable growing habits and unparalleled beauty.  


Flower Color: Pink 
Plant Height: Tall, 48” and taller
Flower Type: Single or Few Petal, less than 20 petals
Pot Size: 20” and wider, 12”-18” deep

Large lotus varieties need large pots! This is a large lotus variety that needs a pot at least 20” or wider and 12” or more in depth. Be sure to fill the pot at least half full of soil to help offer support and stability for the leaves. Deeper soil allows them to withstand strong winds and keeps the heavy flowers and buds from falling.