Jizhou Red Lotus - TALL!


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Nelumbo nucifera
Jizhou Hong Lian

Way, way up in the air! Jizhou Red Lotus produces very large and beautiful flowers which tower over the tallest leaves. Vibrant pink petals with a golden crown of stamen make the flowers of Jizhou Red Lotus a calling card from your garden to come outside and admire your lotus! This variety is particularly well-suited for planting in an earth-bottom pond because you can see them from a long distance away. However, they grow very well in a large pot, also! With proper space and care expect a plant on the upper reaches of the height limit and flowers that are 10" and bigger in diameter. Even in our pots this lotus grew around 7' tall and promises to be even taller in larger pots or earth-bottom ponds!

Flower Color: Red
Plant Height: Large,  48" or taller
Flower Type: Single or few-petals, less than 20 petals
Pot Size: 28" or larger, 12-18" deep