2024 Beauty Zang


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Nelumbo nucifera

All the colors found in a warm summer evening sunset paint this little lotus like a queen. She is tiny but powerful, blooming over and over throughout the summer. The flowers are the perfect combination of pink and yellow. The flowers are a visual treat with perfect petal arrangement and separation. This petal layering makes the flowers look large and allows for air to move freely through the petals which makes them dance in the breeze and helps keep the inside petals from staying too damp and turning brown. Beauty Zang is perfect to grow in a small pot.

Do you want to grow this one as a mini lotus? Please let us know by writing in the comment section of the check out page - "TO BE GROWN IN SMALL POT". Directions for planting as a micro lotus are found below.

Flower Color: Versicolor, Extra-light Yellow and Pink
Plant Height: Exquisite of Bowl Lotus, 6”-18” tall

Flower Type: Single or Few Petals, less than 20 petals
Pot Size: 6” and wider, 4”-10” deep

Pot-in-Pot Method for Micro Lotus
“Lotus cultivars developed to grow and flourish in very small pots (4”-12” wide, 8” or less deep). These hybrids usually stay less than 13” tall.”

We recommend growing these varieties using the pot-in-pot method.

Choose two pots:

Pot A – small display pot. This is the smallest of the two pots and should measure at least 4” smaller in diameter and 2” less in height than Pot B. The lotus tuber is planted in Pot A. This pretty pot can be removed from Pot B for display when lotus is blooming.

Pot B - larger outside growing pot, not for display. Pot A should be able to sit in Pot B with about at least a 2” margin on all sides and at top.

1) Fill Pot A (display pot) ¾ full of topsoil.
2) Fill to top with water and plant tuber in Pot A.
3) Place Pot A in Pot B.
4) Slowly fill Pot B with water, making sure that there is at least 1” of water above the top rim of Pot A, the display pot with planted tuber.
5) Place in direct sun. Keep water level higher than top rim of Pot A.