Super Red Lotus 14B


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 Nelumbo nucifera



A star-shaped, Valentine red flower with a frilly collar of stamen — a showstopper in any garden. Bold red color on a prominently displayed flower will make this lotus a favorite here as it is around the world. Pictures from around the world simply call this lotus 'Super Lotus 14B'. We added the word ‘Red’ in the title to help distinguish it 'Super', one of our most popular pink lotus. This cultivar will often produce semi-double flowers until the plant matures and the temperatures heat up. Both the early and the mature versions of the flowers boast deep red color and are exceptionally beautiful!


Flower Color: Brilliant Red
Plant Height: Medium/Large, 3’ or taller
Flower Type: Few-Petal, less than 25 petals
Pot Size: 16” or wider, 12”-18” deep