Shiroman- Bringing back a Slocum classic!


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Nelumbo nucifera

A Perry D. Slocum Lotus!



Yes, we finally have enough Shiroman to add it back to our catalog! Give this lotus plenty of room to grow and be ready for gigantic leaves and lovely creamy white flowers. This multi-petal lotus will produce leaves that are 24" or wider when grown in a big pot (26" or wider). Be be sure the soil in the pot is over 12" deep so the plant is well anchored against strong winds. We suggest growing it in an earth-bottom pond, plastic kiddie pool or trough if possible because the results are spectacular! 

Flower Color: White
Plant Height: 4' or taller
Flower Type: Multi-Petal
Pot Size: 24" or wider, 14"-24" deep

Large lotus varieties need large pots! This is a large lotus variety that needs a pot at least 20” or wider and 12” or more in depth. Be sure to fill the pot at least half full of soil to help offer support and stability for the leaves. Deeper soil allows them to withstand strong winds and keeps the heavy flowers and buds from falling.