Little Cutie Pie


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Nelumbo Nucifera

TEN MILE CREEK 'Southern Sayings' HYBRID!

A thimble-sized little puff of pink cuteness!

We're not exactly sure what a cutie-pie is but when that phrase is used you know that there is a diminutive little person of immense attractiveness and spunky personality being described! Therefore, it is the perfect name for this new little member of our 'Southern Sayings' line of lotus. This exquisite of bowl lotus will grow very well in a small bowl but will flourish in a 10"-14" diameter bowl. The small single-petal flower is sweetly pink.


Flower Color: Pink
Plant Height: Exquisite of Bowl Lotus (Micro, Mini), 6”-12” tall
Flower Type: Single or Few Petals, less than 20 petals
Pot Size: 6” and wider, 4”-10” deep