Tower of Day and Night - Laura’s Favorites List!


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Guang Yu Lou

Nelumbo Nucifera



One of our favorites! Lots of Flowers!
Tower of Day and Night
 won the 2020 award for being the most photogenic new lotus at Ten Mile Creek and we still LOVE it. The flowers are very heavy with lots of petals. They are extremely well-suited as cut flowers, lasting over six days in an arrangement. The color can be bright red in the shade as shown in the picture below, dark red or light pink--all on the same plant. It blooms prolifically. It is not technically in the Thousand Petal category but it looks like it fits!


Flower Color:
Plant Height: Medium, 24’-47”
Flower Type: Multi-petal/Thousand, many more than 50 petals
Pot Size: 18” and wider, 10”-18” deep