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What color lotus flowers are available?

Lotus are assigned a color using the Royal Horticulture Society Color Chart based on the color of the flower on the first day it opens (often called the first day flower). Lotus often change color slightly each day they are open until petals drop; therefore, the listed color might be quite different from the color of the fully opened flower. Depending upon where they are classified on the RHS color scale they are then put into larger and more simple color classifications.


Red- Brilliant true reds through dark pinks
Pink - Medium pinks through very light pinks
White - Cream to white
Yellow - Bright true yellow through extra light (almost white) yellow


Versicolor - More than one color on the same flower usually going from lighter colors at the base of the petal to darker colors at the petal tips.
Changeable - Color changes as flower matures. For example, the flower may be classified as red on the first day and change to pink, then white before the petals drop.