Hubei 3 Vegetable Tuber - Certified Organically Grown


Nelumbo nucifera


Hubei #3 is one of the most popular vegetable tubers in China.  The tubers are certified organic.

Hubei #3 will be shipped as a starter with one or two growth tips so do not be surprised by the size when you receive it. Plant it in a large pot, or better yet, an earth-bottom pond. Harvest in the late fall or winter. Check out the picture below showing large lotus grown in 5' diameter plastic pool. They look even better if you dig out a hole and recess the pool into the ground, Also, they are inexpensive so that if it is damaged during harvest it is easy to replace.

Flower Color: Creamy White with Pink
Plant Height: Tall, 48” and taller
Flower Type: Semi-Double, 21-50 petals
Pot Size: 20” and wider, 12”-18” deep - We suggest a much larger pot or plastic pool for Hubei #3!