Butterscotch - An Indian Beauty!


Nelumbo nucifera 

Hybridized by Ganesh Anandhakrishnan


Get ready for flower over-load! This buttery yellow gem of a lotus was hybridized by our friend, Ganesh, in India. It survived a long and perilous journey around the world and arrived so late in the growing season of 2020 that we didn’t know if it would make through that first winter. ‘Butterscotch’ didn’t just survive, it thrived! It is now our pleasure to offer it to American growers. ‘Butterscotch’ is just as yummy as its name. The lotus grows to a medium height in our pots and produces multi-petal yellow flowers with a brilliant green receptacle for contrast. Blooming starts early and extends throughout the summer. We highly recommend this lotus variety!


Flower Color: Yellow
Plant Height: Medium, 2’-4’
Flower Type: Multi-petal, more than 50 petals
Pot Size: 14”-24” wide, 10’-16” deep