Splendid Sunset - No Better Way to End Your Day!


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Shao Ban Jin Xia

Nelumbo Nucifera



The golden summer sun sinks low on the horizon and mesmerizing swaths of red and pink linger in the sky signaling that another perfect day has ended. 

'Splendid Sunset' will bring you the same feeling of joy as it boasts a lovely yellow flower with golden stamen and long slender petals lightly blushed with dark pink. This stunning variety looks very much like our bestselling 'Sunrise Brocade' but it is larger both in plant height and flower size. ''Splendid Sunset' also has a few more long graceful petals on each flower than 'Sunrise Brocade'. Both are truly unique and beautiful cultivars.

Flower Color: Versicolor
Plant Height: Medium, 24’-47”
Flower Type: Single or Few Petals, less than 20 petals
Pot Size: 18” and wider, 10”-18” deep