Moonlight Over Qinhuai - Totally unique!


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Nelumbo nucifera


Look for the pot of gold in the center!

'Moonlight over Qinhuai' 
is a large versicolor with perfect color and shape. The unusual shade of dusty pink with the gold tones in the center is very unique. The blooms begin early in the summer and continue. The flowers are large and the petals are perfectly stacked as the flower ages to allow you to see the all the lovely colors. This lotus boasts HUGE seed pods. Yes, YOU WANT THIS LOTUS! The group picture was made in the shade with several harvested flowers so all the beautiful stages of this lotus flower could be seen at one time.


Flower Color: Versicolor
Plant Height: Tall, 48” and taller
Flower Type: Multi-petal, more than 50 petals
Pot Size: 20” and wider, 12”-18” deep