Mrs. Ramsay Rules the Roost - Glorious, HUGE Flowers!!


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 Nelumbo nucifera

“To dominate; to be in charge”

Looking for a really BIG lotus? This lotus does indeed ‘rule the roost’ here in the garden, flying high above gorgeous green leaves and unfurling its petals in the morning sun. Mrs. Ramsay Rules the Roost, a classic bi-color flower, is elegant as it flutters in the breeze. Wide white petals with fuchsia tips give way to a large seed pod perfect for floral arrangements and wreaths. Flowers can be over 12" wide! This lotus is the definition of a 'Sacred Lotus"! 🤍

Thanks to Yann Mumber of Le Jardin Nelumbo, France, for the lovely picture with fence background. European customers can see his lovely selection of lotus here: – The Nelumbo Garden


Plant Height: Large, 4’ or taller
Flower Type: Few-Petal (less than 25 petals)
Flower Color: White with Pink Tips
Pot Size: 20" or wider, 12"-20" deep