2024 LOTUS SEEDS (Random Hybrids) - 'It's a Miracle'


Nelumbo Nucifera

Every seed is like opening a Christmas present!

Always different, always unexpected and always fun!



These seeds are ALL random hybrids from the 400+ varieties of lotus that we grow at our nursery. The only ones who know what pollen got to what flower are the bees that carried it!

We have NO idea what size, color or flower type these seeds will produce...every seed is a much-anticipated little miracle of the unknown! For most people the journey is just as satisfying as the result. BUT, sometimes, the results are spectacular! Here are just a few of Ten Mile Creek's random hybrid results:

'Cuddlin Caroline'
'Shoot Fire' 
'High Cotton'
'Heavens to Betsy'
'Sing, Birdie, Sing'
'Blushing Bride'
All of the 'Little Princess' Series

Each packet contains fifteen (15) randomly hybridized seeds along with complete directions for growing them successfully. We have already given them the 'float' test and kept only the good seeds to give you the best chance for germinating and growing your own lovely lotus to maturity. If lotus seeds are germinated at the right time of the year many, but not all, will produce flowers the first season.

Instructions for growing lotus from seeds are found at the bottom of the page  'How to Plant and Grow Lotus' found on the home page of this website or at the link below:


Flower Color: Who Knows???
Plant Height: Tiny, Little, Big, Huge -- could be any size
Flower Type: All lotus flowers are beautiful:)
Pot Size: Not too big, not too little. Try about 18" diameter 10"-14"deep the first year until you know how big the plant will be.