Diamond Dust - Bling! Bling!


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Nelumbo Nucifera


Twinkle, sparkle and pure delight - this little lotus is truly a gem! It produces  beautiful flowers on a lovely but very compact plant. The leaves are a deep true green providing the perfect contrast for the pure white flowers that are dusted with gold at the base of the petals. This lotus will stay around 13" tall when grown in a small bowl. Pick your favorite outdoor table and enjoy this beauty all summer. Plus, it is small enough to be easily carried indoors for a few days at a time when the buds open! Many miniature lotus will prove difficult to grow but 'Diamond Dust' has proven itself to be a resilient and hardy lotus during test trials here at Ten Mile Creek Nursery.


Flower Color: White
Plant Height: Bowl/Small
Flower Type: Semi-Double, 21-50 petals
Pot Size: 6” and wider, 4”-10” deep

Pot-in-Pot Method for Micro Lotus
“Lotus cultivars developed to grow and flourish in very small pots (4”-12” wide, 8” or less deep). These hybrids usually stay less than 13” tall.”

We recommend growing these varieties using the pot-in-pot method.

Choose two pots:

Pot A – small display pot. This is the smallest of the two pots and should measure at least 4” smaller in diameter and 2” less in height than Pot B. The lotus tuber is planted in Pot A. This pretty pot can be removed from Pot B for display when lotus is blooming.

Pot B - larger outside growing pot, not for display. Pot A should be able to sit in Pot B with about at least a 2” margin on all sides and at top.

1) Fill Pot A (display pot) ¾ full of topsoil.
2) Fill to top with water and plant tuber in Pot A.
3) Place Pot A in Pot B.
4) Slowly fill Pot B with water, making sure that there is at least 1” of water above the top rim of Pot A, the display pot with planted tuber.
5) Place in direct sun. Keep water level higher than top rim of Pot A.