Pearls on a Red Plate - Miniature


Hong Zhan Tuo Zhu

Nelumbo nucifera


Mini lotus!
Somebody forgot to tell Pearls on a Red Plate that it is supposed to act like a micro lotus and only produce a couple of flowers! This tiny little lotus blooms, and blooms, and blooms some more! It is perfect for a pot between 6"-10" wide and about 6" deep so that it can be moved inside for your pleasure when it is blooming (always move it back outside because lotus thrive in full light and lots of heat). 


Flower Color: Light Red
Plant Height: Exquisite of Bowl Lotus (Micro, Mini), 6”-12” tall
Flower Type: Multi-petal, more than 50 petals
Pot Size: 6” and wider, 4”-10” deep